Subject Re: Creating new users for my database.
Author Adam
> Is it possible to create a new database with a different username and
> password instead of SYSDBA/masterkey?
> I was able to change the password but not the SYSDBA user.


It depends exactly what you are asking. Firstly, the SYSDBA user is a
global user across all Firebird servers. You can create a database as
another user. Also, gbak allows you to restore the database as a
particular user (that user will obviously need to exist on the server
for it to work). Each database has an "Owner", who has as much access
rights as the SYSDBA to the particular database, so there is no need
to tell anyone the SYSDBA password IMO. You may be able to trick it by
creating a role called SYSDBA, but I have never gone down this path