Subject Re: sweep taking a long time
Author k_smith_000
--- In, Richard Mace
<richard.mace@g...> wrote:
> > I've also had problems with long running sweep(afterI had deleted
> > about 1 million records from one table). Eventually following things
> > sort problem out:
> > 1.gbak -b -g (inhibit garbage collection)
> > 2.gbak -r (restore)
> > After that sweep took only 1 minute. I think that indices were reason
> > for long sweep.
> Was that after the sweep finished?
> It has been running for about 133 hours, and is still going.
> Should i just stop it and do a gbak -b -g and then a gbak?
1.gbak -b -g
2.gbak -r

You can make this operations even if sweep is running. Just restore
the database in second step to different location.