Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Update Table
Author Daniel Rail

At November 5, 2005, 5:03 AM, Milan Babuskov wrote:

> Martijn Tonies wrote:
>>>record_id <- pk of original table with 600 fields
>>>name <- name of checkbox
>>>value <- is it checked or not?
>>>The table would have 600 rows per single row in original table.
>> No, actually, the table could ONLY have rows for the "checked"
>> items.
>> If there's no row, it's unchecked.

> Not a bad idea. Then, the field "value" wouldn't be needed at all.

> OTOH, he could make the list dynamic, so users can add their own
> checkboxes if they need to.

That's how we proceeded with our software for
optometrist/ophthalmologic practice management, in some portions of
the eye exam(the resistance that we met with some of our users was
that they wanted the list pre-built). And we also did the same thing
for our building inspection software, especially since the checklists
for the inspections can change(the users here loved it). And, the main
advantage of having a dynamic list, if that the users are more
empowered, since they have the control of what is in that list.

Also, don't let the users delete an item of that list, but just
disable it, since the user has to be able to view the list item if it
was checked off in an exam.

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