Subject Re: sweep taking a long time
Author k_smith_000
--- In, Richard Mace
<richard.mace@g...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running a sweep using ibconsole, on a database as listed below,
> which is running firebird 1.00:
> Here is the spec of the server its running on.
> Hardrive: 40gb
> CPU: Intel 850mhz
> RAM: 256mb
> OS: Win 2k Prof
> Uptime: 10 weeks
> Firebird v1.0
> The Database is 34.5gb in total and the drive is partitioned, the DB
> is stored on the second partition which is 35gb.
> The IBServer.exe process is currently using between 70% and 90% and
> the memory usage has stayed at 12,996k.
> Its been running for 49hours now, any ideas how long a sweep should
> take or whether these is a quicker way of reducing the size of it?
> there is only 94mb free space on this partition currently.
> Also the applications that normally write to the database are not
> running whilst the sweep is in process.
> Thanks in advance
> Richard Mace

I've also had problems with long running sweep(afterI had deleted
about 1 million records from one table). Eventually following things
sort problem out:
1.gbak -b -g (inhibit garbage collection)
2.gbak -r (restore)
After that sweep took only 1 minute. I think that indices were reason
for long sweep.

Kevin Smith