Subject Re: fbserver taking 100% cpu on win2k
Author Adam
--- In, "kapsee"
<kapil.surlaker@g...> wrote:
> Restarting does not help. Any ideas on how to investigate this ?

A couple of ideas

1. Garbage collection, check statistics etc. FB 1.5 has trouble with
poor selectivity indices that give garbage collection a hard time.

2. Poor query being run. If a query does not have appropriate indices
to help it, then it is going to have to attack things in a brute force
inefficient manner. You need to study the plan of any query you write
to make sure it has appropriate backup.

3. Have you played around with any setting in Firebird.conf? I am
assuming you are using superserver because I think classic has a
different process name.

But the information provided is a bit sparse. We do not know if anyone
is currently using it, how many CPUs are running, when the process
goes to 100% (immediately / very shortly after / eventually then it
sits there). A bit of context will narrow down your problem.