Subject Re: [firebird-support] problems with install from source (linux)
Author Milan Babuskov
Dariusz Adamiak wrote:
> i try to install:
> autoconf
> ./configure --without-editline
> cd src
> make
> make install

Did you do all of this as root or ...?

> Please enter new password for SYSDBA user: masterkey
> /usr/local/firebird/bin/fb_locl_mgr: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: Permission denied

Please find either with "whereis" or "find" and look at
its permissions with "ls -l". Also trace permissions on all directories
leading to it (ex. if it's /usr/lib/, then inspect /usr
and /usr/lib).

> GSEC> Warning - maximum 8 significant bytes of password used
> Install completed

It is really interesting that it went further even after it obviously
wasn't able to execute some command.

> cp -r ../gen/FirebirdCS-debuginfo-* /
> make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/source/firebird-'
> 1. is firebird install properlly? i dont think so.....

It is possible that you just need to fix some minor thing and everything
will work. For example, installing on Slackware gives errors, but
everything works properly.

> 2.and there is some directory permition on my TRUSTIX 3.0 server are changed (eg. /usr/lib /usr/include /usr/local to 700),
> and noone without root permition can connect to server (no telnet, no http ....)
> what is going on? i'll try twice

From what I see, the autoconf and configure steps didn't figure
something properly and got some wrong directories. But it's hard to
trace it down without more info. Which files do you have in

Milan Babuskov