Subject Re: problems with install from source (linux)
Author mikcaau
--- In, "Dariusz Adamiak"
<dadamiak@w...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to install firebird from source,
> server linux TRUSTIX 3.0
> and i have problems with firebird (? hm yes) and with system after
install firebird,
> i try to install:
> autoconf
> ./configure --without-editline
> cd src
> make
> make install
> [...]
> Please enter new password for SYSDBA user: masterkey
> /usr/local/firebird/bin/fb_locl_mgr: error while loading shared
libraries: cannot open shared object file: Permission
> GSEC> Warning - maximum 8 significant bytes of password used
> Install completed
> cp -r ../gen/FirebirdCS-debuginfo-* /
> make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/source/firebird-'
> 1. is firebird install properlly? i dont think so.....
> 2.and there is some directory permition on my TRUSTIX 3.0 server are
changed (eg. /usr/lib /usr/include /usr/local to 700),
> and noone without root permition can connect to server (no telnet,
no http ....)
> what is going on? i'll try twice
> can anyone help me
> regards
> Darek
Check that /usr/bin/ exists - Helen wrote on this recently.
Keep password to 8 char (masterkey is too long)
As far as I'm aware fb does not change file permissions except for its
own directories.
During the small amount of Linux I've done the only problem I've had
with FB is the library. More recent Linux distros ship with a newer
libstdc++ and the solution is to create a link to it in
/opt/firebird/bin called

Sorry I'm not much help