Subject Re: Full Text Searching For Firebird
Author martinthrelly
hello alexandre thanks for the reply

our application is held on a server. ive researched a bit about
dotlucene. however this article put me off a bit.

basically they are saying that dotlucene is fine if your data is
static. but if its being hit and updated all the time you risk
concurrency issues between the database data and the dotlucene data.
this for me is a big worry.

what do you make of this? do you have any other suggestions? do you
know if firebird intend to include a full text search in a future
release? thanks

--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
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> martinthrelly wrote:
> >hello there. i am being asked to design a google-esque search
> >which will hook up to a relational firebird database. we are
> >our application onto the web using the provider.
> >
> >i have checked out the java based dotlucene component but i am
> >to storing our indexes outside the database because our database
> >be constantly updated by the users so i am worried about
> >issues. also some search results will require to use joins before
> >displaying the info.
> >
> >all in all any advice would be appreciated.
> >
> >
> take a look here:
> in special at this paragraph:
> Where to Store the Index
> On a server, it's no problem to store the index in a separate
> (you can also load it to RAM to make your searches super fast - if
> have enough RAM, of course). In a desktop application, it might be
> useful to store the index in a Firebird database.
> DotLucene supports a mechanism for adding custom index storages.
> storage types (file system and RAM are built-in) are implemented
as a
> class derived from Lucene.Net.Store.Directory abstract class
> I have created a Directory
> implementation that stores the index directly in a Firebird SQL
> Please report back I'd like to know how well it works :-)
> see you !
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