Subject Re: [firebird-support] Understanding (and upgrading?) ODS
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Rich Pinder wrote:

>I've got a confusing situation that I would love some help with.
>I'll try to be brief. I've read Helen's book on the topic, and searched
>recent posts to the list here.
>I have two servers - one development on my XP laptop, one deployment on
>a WinSRVR2003 (much faster) server.
>I have a (probably very ineficient) Delphi App (that goes thru ASTA
>connectivity, thru IBO components) into the FB Server.
>The app 'batch' loads about 220,000 records from paradox format tables
>into FB tables.
>On the XP laptop, it runs (albiet slowly). On the 2003 server it starts
>to crawl at around 20,000 inserted records, then gets so slow I need to
>kill the job (and delete the rows, do a sweep, etc).
>And I have ruled out that the network has anything to do with it (by
>actually running the 'client' program on the server machine.. so it
>mimics what happens on my laptop of course - ie hitting
>So the thing I'm really wondering is WHY this difference in behaviour
>(i'm not at this moment really wondering about optimizing my uploading
>Investigating further I find that I have installed the exact same
>version of FB on both machines. Running v1.5.2
>Using DBW utility I then look at the database properties of both
>servers. The Version there is a much longer string, but it is EXACTLY
>the same on both servers:
>WI-V6.3.2.4731 Firebird 1.5
>BUT the ODS Version reports 10.0 on the (slower) server, whereas it
>is 10.1 my laptop ! [note - Helens book in the 'upgrading the ods'
>refers to performance increase on 1.5 if you use the 10.1 ODS, due to
>indexing of system tables - so I've got to believe this has something to
>do with the really poor performance my install using the 10.0 ODS is seeing]
>So my question has to do with this difference. My read of the
>documentation led me to believe the ODS version was more tied to the
>running software ? So I would have expected them to be in sync.
>The structure of the two databases are pretty much in sync. In fact at
>a couple points, after testing and deciding one path to follow, I've
>actually copied over the entier database (after shutting down FB), but
>I've copied it FROM the Production machine, to the Development machine
>(which is counterintuitive to what I mentioned above ! the server is
>the OLDER version !!)
>A solution of upgrading given in the book is to backup / shutdown /
>upgrade the actual FB instance / restart / restore. But since my
>server is already RUNNING the up to date version, I'm not sure this
>makes any sense.
>Sorry I lied about being brief ! Any help you can point me to is much

Maybe you have installed FB 1.5 and continued to use the 1.0 database,
so it still a 10.0 version.

Just do a backup/restore cycle in the deployment machine and you will
get a 10.1 database. Be careful to be sure your backup is ok, try first
to restore it to another location on the deployment server !

Another thing is recomended (but other folks says it has no importance)
is to commit the transaction at regular intervals (from 2000-10000
inserts per commit.

Give it a try.

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil