Subject Re: [firebird-support] Comparison after restore
Author Chris M
Alan McDonald wrote:
>>If i compare a database using ibexpert or clever components dbcomparer,
>>with a master sql schema, it shows they are identical.
>>If i do a backup and restore and then compare them i get a ton of the
> you're not just doing a schema compare - otherwqise you would not get dml
> statements in the resultant script.
> You are doing a table data compare as well.
> Why you are getting these differences in the data I'm not sure but I would
> suspect that you have changed or FIBPLus has made some system table changes
> which do not live thru a backup/restore.
> These are all NULL Flag ssettings so somewhere along the line you have made
> some changes to teh null flag which have been carried out directly on the
> system tables and not done correctly. Instated of issuing a DDL statement.
> I wonder waht version of admin tool you are using? Do you use IBExpert (e.g.
> an old personal version with perhaps a bug in the not null flag setting?)?.
> Alan

I'm using IBExpert 2005.9.25. As far as I know i'm not comparing any
data. I see no option for that in IBExpert.