Subject Re: does anybody know some source-code of a manager of images?
Author Adam
--- In, Marcelo Machado
<machado6655@y...> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Something simple that stores pictures in a bank firebird (already
> I need to store some 50 pictures for registration in the bank


Giving your programming language would help people respond with
something you can use. Also you need to say what expected formats the
pictures will be (.jpg / .png / .gif / .psd / .tif / etc). Is it 50,
or 50 per customer, and if 50 per customer, how many customers? What
is the average file size of the pictures.

You need to decide whether to store the pictures in the database or to
simply store a path to the pictures in the database, and manage the
pictures within the local file system.

Both methods have pros and cons.

If you store the pictures inside the database, you need to make sure
that backups are not taking compromisingly longer. Firebird 2 will
introduce incremental backups, but until then backup will have to back
everything up. You would use a BLOB field to store it, I would suggest
for jpg not to worry about compression. You will then have to trouble
the database if you want to email someone a picture, whereas if it was
in the file system, you could just go to it directly.

If you go the other way, then you need to understand that many OS have
implementation limitations on the maximum pictures per folder, where
performance starts getting really bad if you have too many more.

Once this has been decided, then either way the code is pretty simple.