Subject Re: prevent changes to invoice record
Author Adam
--- In, "Rick Roen" <rick@s...> wrote:
> Thanks Helen and Adam,
> Its probably just my DBase + BDE background that makes me shy away
> from the exists query to the orders table. I'll write a trigger like
> you suggested.
> From experience I know the old BDE queries against DBase tables can
> take a long time, but its difficult for me to test a fully loaded
> trigger like this on my laptop test environment.

Well i know that Paradox certainly "shipped" the entire table to the
client machine, not sure what DBase does. The length of time in this
sort of approach from Paradox was in physically transfering the data.

Firebird works very differently. All the work is done by the server,
so there is no waiting around for the data to arrive locally or
waiting around for some other client to release a lock.


> Thanks,
> Rick