Subject Re: [firebird-support] Dear friends - Varchar size
Author Thomas Miller
Martijn Tonies wrote:

>Could be. In the system tables, there are two columns, one for byte-length
>and one for character-length. If you use a multi-byte characterset,
>will be longer than character-length.
>>Well, let's see if anyone come with something to clear my mind. Or when
>>I have time will try to create a multi-byte database and test it myself.
To be fair, this was a bug at one time in the client software DML record
structure sent to the client
(I think that is the acronym, but I am sure I will be corrected :-) )
Another problem with the structure
was that it never sent the decimal spaces for NUMERIC or DECIMAL. So it
may have seemed that
older versions of IB or FB might have been messing this up, but I think
it was fixed either in 1.5 or 2.0.

The three issues I remember

#1 - Byte size sent to client so if you where using a multi-byte
character set and the field was a VARCHAR(30)
you could actually put in 90 characters.

#2 - No Decimal information
#3 - No Server version information

I haven't tracked these, but someone should be able to confirm that they
have been fixed.

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