Subject Re: [firebird-support] Off-topic - Lists of C++ and Java
Author Milan Babuskov
Valdir Marcos wrote:
> I want to learn C++ to understand FB sources and to help the project, if I reach a level of knowledge enough for simple tasks. Also, I want to learn Java to use on my Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence.
> If there is one, I am searching for a list:
> - where newbies are welcome
> - Linux/Windows development
> - Free/open source tools and libraries, like gcc.
> - Free/open source IDEs, like Dev-C++, Eclipse, etc.

You're welcome to join FlameRobin project if you're interested. You
would learn C++, use open source tools and libraries on both Linux and
Windows, and even help Firebird indirectly.

Developer mailing list is here:

Milan Babuskov