Subject Re: Losing connexion
Author Adam
--- In, "berchemin" <berchemin@n...>
> Hello,
> I developped a java client/server application that is working with
> firebird 1.5. Since several days, i loose connexions for unknown
> reasons but it is as i f there was a timeout to close all connexions
> if they are not used for a certain period (about 10 minutes)
> . I know how to restablish the connexion but it is painfull for
> users. I don't think that it is due to my application since i have
> the same trouble with Squirrel SQL tools.
> Here are information about the error i get :
> Code : 335544726
> SQL State : HY000
> Message : Resource Exception. Error reading data from the connection
> What could i do to solve that problem ?

FB Server version?
CS / SS?
Windows / Linux? (I know it is java so it could be either, but what
one are you having this issue with).

Does the firebird.log say anything interesting? Service restarted at
around that time, or between that time and the last time prior that
the connection was used?

Or perhaps there is some dns issues on the given site?

Client Server architecture is by design unreliable. You need to
understand that there may be times that the client will be unable to
establish connection to the server, and your client will have to deal
with that in a "good" way. There is no "timeout" in Firebird, though
if you have firewalls or vpns etc involved, you need to rule out that
one of these does not have a timeout.