Subject Re: lower(username) = priveleges of user "public" ??
Author lysander_fb
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> not sure I can believe this... username is case insensitive.

you can trust me that I was more than just a bit surprised when I
found out...

> You're not
> using roles here as well? or using " quotes or something?
if usernames ARE indeed case insensitive, how could roles change the
behaviour? There is only 1 user "Knappstein" in my database.
But, anyway, happens without using roles as well as with using roles.
And I don't have quotes anywhere in my database identifiers or objects.

> OR do you have
> some environment vairable set?

> what OS, what client connection components are you using?
Win2K SP4. ODBC-driver IBPhoenix 1.02.0070.
On Server I have Win2003 withOUT SP, and using Classic Server.
But I tried with my testservers as well (Superserver on Win2K and on
Win2003): same result.

Components, if you call them so, are pre-manufactured components by
Borland for language "visual dBase", but happens as well with the
latest version "dBasePlus 2.6".

I did not try with my Delphi, so far. But also I can not imagine how
this should be produced by the local components.

Did you try it out?
Just for fun, create a user DUMMY_XYZ; have some privileges granted to
public and some more to dummy_xyz.
Log-in once as "dummy_XYZ" and once as "DUMMY_XYZ".
Do you get any difference?

Thanks for your time.