Subject Re: Inserting records into database
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, Geoff Skerrett wrote:
> Hope someone can provide some guidance/advise.
> I have a .txt file containing approx 47,000 records and have devised
> a test to insert these records into a RDMS.
> The two I am using for comparison are MsSQL and Firebird.
> It seems that firebird takes atleast 2x longer to run the insert
> than MSSSQL (Firebird = 24 min, MsSql - 11.4 min).
> Is there anything I can due to improve the results on the Firebird
> side ? I created identical tables in both DBMS with all columns set
> to CHAR type so I was trying to keep it similiar. I don't have
> indexes on any of the columns.
> Geoff.

33 records per second indicates that you're doing something wrong - my
guess is that you do not take care of your transaction(s) so that a
commit is issued for every record. 47000 records should be possible to
import into a table without indexes within seconds, not minutes -
unless we're talking about huge records of course (47000 records with
each record containing Shakespeares complete work in handwriting
(stored using BLOBs) would take longer ;o).