Subject Re: Files or FDB to store images?
Author Ali Gökçen
The avg jpg size is 120K, total image size is 6GB.
this mean there are 50000 jpg files.
how can you manage this files in its directory?
Can OS manage this file list faster than FB?

You can easly import or export any image if you need by a FB
if you can manage this 50.000 files with any image editor and windows
explorer, so why do you need to store their name in FB?


--- In, Jason Dodson <jasond@b...>
> I completely disagree with this approach. While it would be
logically fine if
> you NEVER plan on doing anything but storing these images,
consider this:
> - If you need to view an image, how are you going to do it? Are
you going to
> make every eligible person carry around a special program?
> - If you need to edit an image... see above
> - When your boss starts saying "I want to email this image to
person X", how are
> you going to handle it?
> - If for some reason the images need to change format, you can't
use a good old
> file system bulk converter... anything will have to be a custom
> - It will take you much further towards any limits there are for
database size
> and its objects
> - A few key bytes corrupted in the database could render any
amount of the
> images to be inaccessible (granted, you should back this up)
> There are LOTS of things to consider. Just remember, the users of
the world use
> a file system to store their images... and your job probably
entails dealing
> with said people.
> Jason