Subject Re: Files or FDB to store images?
Author Ali Gökçen
In my opinion, store all of them in a FDB.
1. It will be compact at physical and logical level
2. You will not disturb the OS file list with huge entries.
3. You can decrase application complexity by using only a FDB.
4. You will prevent broken file links
5. There is no storage saving with using external jpg files.
6. It will be more fast.
7. It will be more portable.
8. It will be more backup/replication-friendly.

--- In, Dariusz Zelichowski
<z_darius@y...> wrote:
> Hi,
> My employer is considering digitizing a bunch of existing
> records contained on index cards. OCR is not an option as
> the cards are in various formats and contain handwritten
> notes. One of the steps required is scanning all the index
> cards and then... this is where I am not sure what to do.
> Should I store resulting images (after they are scanned) as
> jpeg files linked to relevant database entries, or would it
> be better to store the images inside a firebird database as
> records.
> These are some of the technical aspects of the project:
> - about 20,000 index cards
> - each card generates 2 files (one for each side)
> - each file is between 40KB and 200KB
> - the data growth rate will be very modest (no more than 30
> a day)
> - access to the database will be only sporadically by more
> than one person at a time.
> - at the present time all the cards to be scanned would
> require approx. between 2GB and 6GB of disk space if stored
> in jpeg format (depending of the resolution of the scan)
> Any comments/suggestions will be appreciated.
> Dariusz