Subject Re: GBak - Feature request...
Author Adam
> This information could give some hint of how long time there is left
> restoring.

There is obviously going to be problems when dealing with streams of
data from tapes etc.

To give a progress indicator and / or remaining time, it is going to
need to know the size of the stream. Perhaps there is possibility in a
flag in gbak to use the file size provided by the file system (if there
is one) and the amount of stream processed to now to give a rough
percentage. Of course, there is next to no data in the index
definitions, but creating an index takes a while (compared to inserting
a record), so I imagine the last 5% will take the most time.

Maybe a flag could be used in gbak -b to store the number of tables,
and the "number of records in each table including garbage" trick could
be used to estimate the time for the index.

Still is that any more accurate than manually guessing at the time
based on the size of the fbk file if you know that?