Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBak - Feature request...
Author Kjell Rilbe
Dmitry Sibiryakov wrote:

> On 26 Oct 2005 at 8:56, Michael Vilhelmsen wrote:
>>I would like it to write
>>gbak: 2123123 records restored (of 4246426, 50%)
> Unfortunatelly, it can't be done. Gbak and backup file format were
> designed to work in stream mode, thus reading stream, gbak don't know
> how much objects left.

It should be able to determine the bakcup file's size (from the
filesystem). It should also be able to determine how many bytes it has
read from the stream so far. That's all that's required for a progress
indicator, albeit possibly misleading since byte count might not be
strictly porportional to elapsed time. But that's a minor problem - the
progress indicator would still provide useful info.

It's not exactly the kind of info Michael requested, but it's better
than nothing, isn't it?

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