Subject Re: 3 Questions
Author Adam
> My thinking behind this is that on 1 Intances of the Firebird with
> Multiple DBs if a problem occurs with the Firebird Server then simply
> Stopping it and restarting it wont effect the remianing DBs, and also
> that any Firebird Server will be deadicated for a DB rather than
> multiple DBs.
> Do you know of any papers/links on this ?

The Classic model spawns a new process for each connection, so this
effectively achieves what you need. It also is the model that is most
able to take advantage of multiple processors.

If you need to take a database offline for any reason (upgrades etc),
you can put it into shutdown mode which only allows SYSDBA and the
owner to connect. You can also point the alias elsewhere which will do
a good job of preventing anyone else from using it.

If you are new to Firebird, then there is a book "The Firebird Book"
by Helen Borrie that is 1000 pages of information (not fill like many
reference books). It will save you days of mistakes. If you want to
support the Firebird project, you can buy it through IBPhoenix.
Otherwise most large book stores have it or can get it in.

Other sources of information can be found at the site
or at Also you can check out the IB 6 documents, most
of which are still mostly applicable to Firebird. Also, read the
Firebird 1.5 release notes for new features etc.