Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Port number via isql
Author Nigel Weeks
> > Get a copy of 'balance' (, slap it on your
> > *nix box, and run it like so:
> > `balance -df 3060 host1:3050 host2:3050`
> >
> > Connect to the '3060' port, and viola, a load balanced database
> > cluster
> Errg, are you connecting to the same database through
> different ports running different copies of SuperServer? If
> so, you're going to turn your database into confetti.

Ah, a worthy consideration!
Hmmm. Both host1 and host2 are running Classic Server(FreeBSD), and once the
connection is established via balance, it stays connected, so it won't swap
and change between connections mid transactions(That, I believe, would be

Each host has it's own copy of the database, so each copy is separate and

It appears to work really well - I had queries running on the cluster all
night, and one of the servers powered off at midnight, and yet the queries
didn't stop(balance realises that one host is no longer listening, and
forwards to the running servers)...