Subject Re: result set not updated immediately after post
Author Zach Saw
Hi Olivier,

I've tried ilReadDirty -- it's still the same. So I think it's most
probably a client API thing.

Any thoughts on whether this should be expected? I know for JET (MS
Access DB), this is expect as it is by design -- they have an out of
order execution engine... -- even in the same thread...


--- In, "Zach Saw" <zachs78@y...>
> > Could you re-run your test using IBPP::ilReadDirty and report
> > (which is read_committed with rec_version while ilReadCommitted
> > read_committed with NO_rec_version) ?
> >
> > (I doubt this is IBPP related. If it turns to be, we'll move the
> > thread to the list where it belongs.)
> >