Subject Re: [OT] gbak going slow
Author stevemilner_2000
--- In, Svein Erling Tysvær
<svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> --- In, Steve Milner wrote:
> > --- In, Helen Borrie wrote:
> >
> > If you are UK based I'll buy you a drink nect time I'm in your area.
> Oops, welcome to Firebird and firebird-support! I thought everybody
> aware of firebird-support knew that Helen was a New Zealander that had
> been promoted to Australia. You better spend your money buying her
> book rather than a drink:

We already have it thanks, and it took me a couple of minst realise
the connection.

Since this is now well off topic, is there a general chit-chat forum
for this?

> It is a good book. Buying drinks to many of the other Firebird gurus
> (I notice that Helen is not a speaker, so she may not be coming) may
> be done at the Firebird conference in Prague 13 - 16 November:

Just mentioned it to my boss, when I said the conf was in Prague he
said "It would be", which translates as "Up yours pal", but pester
power is a wonderfull thing.

Although I have relatively little time to read/reply to this forum I
am more than willing to offer any assistance via email.

For the benefit of others we are using RH linux/ firebird/ kylix for a
n EPoS solution for a retail of 100+ stores in the UK and ROI
providing till, store back office functionality, central datawarehouse
and replication, reporting and inventory management.

If anyone needs any help pretaining to Firebird use in a retail
environment I'm only too happy ro help.