Subject Re: Hourly rate
Author Ali Gökçen
> No it does not. See below and notice the "(the datatype)" in my
> piece of text above.

Martijn, wake up, "TIME of DAY" is not "24:00:00.000" exactly.
There is no 86400.000000 seconds for every day!
World doesn't turn around itself with a digital control sytem.

> Why do you think I am talking about the "datatype TIME"??

Because we are talking about FBSQL and its TIME datatype.

> However, saying that you can use the datatype TIME for a duration
> might be confusing to others. You cannot store a duration of 25
> in a TIME and get it formatted, for example.

Thats why we storing TIME value into an big numeric variable
as basic unit, before calculation. TIME is for 24H as wanted.

You couldn't change my mind but helped to improve my english
thanks.. ;)