Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Hourly rate
Author Martijn Tonies
> > No it doesn't... It gives a "period of time", a "duration" ...
> >
> > TIME (the datatype) means: time of day.
> >
> Nop.
> There is 24 different times exists over the world at the same
> time. ;) (15 meridian for each hour groups)
> if we didt use meridian group,
> than 24*3600+60*60+60 times will be there for each time seconds.
> (1000 times more if u use milliseconds)
> So, TIME is not mean only of "TIME of DAY".
> TIME is TIME and you can't resticted it as "TIME OF DAY"
> It may be "TIME of PROCCESS","TIME of IDLE","TIME of USAGE",

No it does not. See below and notice the "(the datatype)" in my
piece of text above.

> Our bird, FireBird cant fly to out of ionospher yet, so
> there is no risc about "TIME of MARSDAY" format incompatibility.
> I think it is a problem about english language speakers.
> It is a irregular language and you need to create new orjinal words
> for all new terms.
> In our language TIME doesn't mean of a timestamp value point.

Why do you think I am talking about the "datatype TIME"??

> > This is not what the datatype "TIME" is about. It's "time of day".
> >
> > I think we can agree that "14:00 - 08:00" doesn't give us "time of
> day
> > 06:00", does it?
> >
> I never used "TIME OF DAY" term.
> You can add this time to any another concejtural "TIME OF DAY" or
> "TIMESTAMP OF CALENDAR" to find out when will work finish.
> or you can substract it from any another concejtural "TIME OF DAY" or
> "TIMESTAMP OF CALENDAR" to find out when work should start.
> TIME works both of us, there is no need to fight about terms.

However, saying that you can use the datatype TIME for a duration
might be confusing to others. You cannot store a duration of 25 hours
in a TIME and get it formatted, for example.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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