Subject Re: Hourly rate
Author Ali Gökçen
> I have none. Never said I did.


> I only made a remark about the TIME datatype that when you are
> applying math to it (eg: substracting one TIME from another), you
> don't always get a TIME as the result.

Time - Time gives a time in seconds(plus milliseconds).
this seconds doesn't mean of meridian info of course.
If you think the TIME must be meridian number, i say nothing.
There was TIME and TIME clause before coordinate systems i think.

> Then you started about time being just a numerical value and you
> do anything you like with it.
> Which is wrong on the conceptual level. A TIME - TIME doesn't
> result in a TIME value. Period. Yes, it fits the internal
> but it's still not a TIME value.

Here is the difference between me and you:
I'm using TIME datatype as an frequnece ruler, but you not.
TIME is a frequence info in my mind. Thats all.
It is my opinion only, this is not a must.

If my solution doesn't fit Arnoldo's or my customers or my friends
or science requeriments than i am ready to change my minds.
I should show my any calculation mistake with math, if there is.
This makes me happy more than 4 times.