Subject Re: Hourly rate
Author Ali Gökçen
--- In, "Martijn Tonies"
<m.tonies@u...> wrote:
> The TIME datatype is valid for our little planet only.

Did our little planets carbon copy peoples decide about what is the

> All fine, but it will not result into a valid TIME value, EVEN if
> fails within the underlying numerical range. This is what I'm
> to say all the time -- just because you can do certain operations
> on a TIME value, does not mean the result is a TIME or DATETIME
> (TIMESTAMP) value. "1 day and 12 hours" is not a valid value
> for the DATETIME type, for example. Yes, you can fit it in there
> (on the lower level) but it isn't valid. This is what people should
> understand.

Martijn, don't be so conservative about relative terms.
As i said before there is alot of calendar and time types.
Look at to the sand clock of windows. ;)

You can not store any historical events in a FB db why?
because there was a idiotic HW restriction when Jim create IB, or
groton database or RDB/LN or datatrieve.
Is is that mean, there was no time in this planet before 1857?

Timestamp is a info about calendar plus time offset(meridian offset)

It must not to be day offset, it may be any evets offset.
Because there is no real-time; time is not real.
Time is a numeric offset value displaying in a human interpretable

There was sailors when our planet time system created.
They need to parse this planet to goal of old GPS.

What will you do in Mars, will you use Mars's calendar system?
And how will you syncronize your life with Mars?

This is not a fantasy even today. There is alot of spaceships in
cosmos, which time system they will use?

> Ali, this has nothing to do with our TIME datatype, does it?

TIME is mean of offset value starts from any another known offset
If u want to store only local clock times to it, it is fine with me.
But don't want to do this from other people.
As a programmer, i have been using my low level (out of HW/OS)
calculation in alot of offical forms, invoices for a long time,
i havent seen any problem, didn't get any compliant. I can
calculate all daynames, weeks, from 1.1.1
I havent get any project to store stone age till now,
if i, i can this too.

> What does MxSQL has to do with it?

Because i have no idea about time related functions and datatypes
of MSSQL or MySQL.
If they solved our little planet peoples TIME problems we
should to stole it from them for the first time. ;)