Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB Processes in Windows Classic 1.5.2
Author Simon Carter
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> > What connection pooling options are you specifying in the
> connection
> > string?
> Pooling is switched on.

Could the pooling option be keeping the connection open longer than you
need? Try removing the pooling options and see if it improves.

> I'd really like to get a general understanding of why/when
> these processes start and die. So far, it seems there is one "master"
> process that's always running, and other processes that come
> and go. We spend a lot of time killing them manually when we
> need exclusive access to the database :-(

The master process, AFAIU, is always on, this monitors the port for
connections. Each connection then spawns a new process. I suppose the one
other thing that could affect how long the spawned process remains is
ConnectionTimeout in firebird.conf. Might be worth altering this setting
to see what happens.


Si Carter