Subject Re: Hourly rate (OT)
Author Ali Gökçen
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@y...>
> Hmmm,
> Where we could probably improve Firebird is by adding UTC support
> the variables 'today', 'now' etc.
> Something like
> select NOWUTC
> I live in a country that has three different timezones. Even major
> states within that country have differing times because some do not
> use daylight savings. So in my country, you can literally have
> thinking that 'now' is four different times, so we have to
> UTC in a clunky UDF, but an internal function would definately be
> preferable.
> Adam

Yes this was the killer idea! :)
Imagine, You are a bussinessman and flying TOKYO TO LONDON.
You have a laptop with powered by FIREBIRD.
Time is changed but it still computes, shows TOKYO time regardless
its $1500 price.
Think again, your airplane flys faster than world turning speed..
(Jetsons age..)
Your laptop may be go into geographical past time or future.
Thats why so many people understand the time incorrectly.
Thats why Einstein couldn't teach what is the time to all people.

We humans need a COSMOS timestamp regardless any location.
This is not importted when will it start, bithdate or immigration
date or any action of Musa, or Isa or Muhamed or any hollywoodstar
or your streets fruit seller.
Or laptops needs GPS and a good algoritym to justf todays time

This is a problem of humans not computers or FB.