Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Hourly rate
Author Nando Dessena

A> There is no difference for us. we are not amatour computer users,
A> we are computer experts and must to know how computers/calculations
A> work.

not that this matters much in the thread, but there's something to be
said about abstractions. While we (like to say that we) are computer
experts, we certainly are not computers, in that we can think in more
abstract terms than bits and numbers. A data type is an abstraction,
and while it is true that it all boils down to numbers (is there
anything computer-related that doesn't, anyway?) it is much easier to
talk in terms of domains and abstract operations than implementation
details. I think you and Martijn have been saying just about the same
thing but the argument comes from talking at two different levels of
abstraction. At one level a TIME is a number, at another level is a
time-of-day, at yet another level is a sequence of bits, and so on.

Nando Dessena
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