Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Hourly rate
Author Martijn Tonies
> > I disagree. TIME is a specific domain.
> every datatypes are specific.
> >
> > There simply is NO such thing as 28:00 in a TIME type.
> Yes, becuse it is a must.

No there isn't.

> Have you ever try to store 13. month to any date?

Same issue. No such thing, the DATE datatype won't hold it.

> You can't! because there is a rule, months can be max 12.
> if your calculation cause a number over 12 you wants to a add
> this overflow into years.
> same for time.
> time doesn't interested about calendar.

"time" in the general meaning of things is different from the
datatype TIME. In TIME, 28:00 hours doesn't exist. Period.
If I'm wrong, then proof me wrong.

> > This is where TIME is different from "smallint" to "bigint".
> There is no difference for us

yes there is.

>. we are not amatour computer users,
> we are computer experts and must to know how computers/calculations
> work.
> TIME is a numeric datatype stored in specific format to dislplay
> fastly.
> TIME is an integer (also may be a float if you want)
> most significant bits took hours(to be sortable), others took
> minutes,seconds,milliseconds or microseconds or nanoseconds or
> picoseconds...(needs BIGINT)
> You can display it without any calculation(other than binary to
> ASCII convertion, it is valid for all numeric datatypes)
> But if there is any calculation with it, you should to convert it
> to an monoblock integer number.
> there is another way to calculate TIME and DATE but much more
> expensive and difficult.
> I wrote alot of TIME,DATE calculation functions in C,RPG,etc, when i
> was young. there was no source or internet.(only ansiklopedies)
> if you know a quick way about TIME,DATE,TIMESTAMP calculation,
> i will happy to learn it from you.

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