Subject Re: [SPAM?]: [firebird-support] Re: Date is null
Author Stefan Balzter
Adam schrieb:
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> > I am trying to get value from database that is null, but what is
> > happening that it is coming in as #12:00:00 AM#
> No, what is happening is it is coming in as NULL and the textbox
> object interprets that as 12:00 AM. Firebird distinguishes between a
> NULL object and a 0 value, some objects do not.

You can get rid of it by first checking if the value is null and then,
if it is not, displaying it in the textbox. For instance, in Delphi you
would write something like

if MyQuery.FieldByName('mytimefield').IsNull then MyTextbox.Text:=''
else MyTextbox.Text:=MyQuery.FieldByName('mytimefield').AsString

But you are probably not using Delphi (I guess Delphi would interpret
Null as an empty string, even in a time field), so you'll have to
translate this into your programming language.

Stefan Balzter