Subject Re: Conditional conundrum
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi Rick,
I couldn't be sure about your problem and my solution..
Can you paste your real query here?


--- In, "Rick Debay" <rdebay@r...>
> I have a not-null char(1) field that can be 'U' or some other
value. I
> also have a stored procedure, that among other things needs to
> items based on a char(1) parameter.
> The pseudo-SQL is:
> Select * from table where (Field in ('U') and :param in ('U')) or
> not in ('U') and :param not in ('U'))
> Parameter tests aren't legal to the planner ( 'Z' not in ('U') ),
and I
> can't branch to execute one query or another. Any ideas for a
> conditional statement for the WHERE clause?
> Thanks, Rick DeBay