Subject RE: Concurrent users
Author William Gonz´┐Żles S.
Hi, thank you so much for the answers.
I put the question about concurrent and non-concurrent
users, because I am migrating a DB from MSDE to FB,
the limitations of MSDE:
1) Only 5 concurrent users ("acting at the same
2) Up to 25 non-concurrent users (up to 25
3) Max DB size: 2 GB

Is FB better in this aspect?

William GS.

--- Alan McDonald <alan@...> wrote:

> > > -----Original Message-----
> interesting take on non-concurrent....
> not sure it's a valid question actually - or rather
> I'm not sure he's asking
> the right question for the answer he really wants.
> concurrent - "acting at the same time"
> how many users can firebird have when they do not
> act on the database at the
> same time.
> seems to me to be as many as will fit in the unique
> constraints fo the
> security database, or the max record number of the
> users table whichever is
> the lowest.
> Alan

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