Subject Re: [firebird-support] Results of the Firebird Global Usage Survey
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Daniel Albuschat wrote:

>2005/10/14, Carlos H. Cantu (TeamFB) <listas@...>:
>>You can check the result of the recently published Firebird Global
>>Usage Survey at
>Isn't it a bit suspicious that there are nearly 10 times as much users in Brazil
>than in any other country (including the US)?
I think we have a bunch of reasons:
1.) Delphi is very used here in Brazil (so IB was a natural choice for
DB development, and when FB comes out was a natural choice either)
2.) The major FB instalations was made by small shops (like mine), that
has a good point in adopting OpenSource/Free Software alternatives
3.) We like Open Source
4.) There are (at least 2) very strong FB users groups here in Brazil
5.) There are people in Brazil and other Portugueses Spoken Countries
that support FB in a way or other and help it to spread
6.) We have small companies that are short on money that loves to save
some money using a free alternative (since it is good enough)
7.) The survey was created by a Brazilian guy, and the both comunities
was aware of it and for sure have voted, the same anoucement was made
here, but how many people take care to vote for it ? As Ali said, we are
passionate people (don't know about the "fast" part :-) ) and we engage
and enbrace the things we like, and we love FB.
8.) Just for you know, the biggest ever FB event happened here in Brazil
this year I think around 500 people attended for the conference.

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil