Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Active transactions (benchmark results - updated)
Author Ann W. Harrison
Valdir Marcos wrote:
> I agree 100% on part 1 below, it's the main point where FB is more intelligent and smart than any other RDBMS, but on part 2, could I ask a doubt?
> For those like me, who have very small companies as clients, which have old and resourceless computers as the FB server. And FB does an excellent job on these old computer where no other RDBMS would install... My question is if Part 2 become true, will FB require a large quantity of memory like its competitors?

The current default limit to the size of the lock table is 262144 bytes
- 1/4 of a megabyte. Doubling it is unlikely to affect any system
capable of running a post 1990 operating system.