Subject Re: new functions don't work under TCP/IP
Author Adam
--- In, "ericthereddish" <e2@h...>
> I have installed firebird 1.5.
> When I log in via TCP/IP (to localhost)the new functions like COALESCE
> and CASE statements are not recognised. I get a message like:
> SQL error code = -804.
> Function unknown.
> However when I connect locally these functions work fine.
> I downloaded the latest release 1.5.2 and installed under XP sp2
> without any customisation. Setup with the superserver option. This
> problem occurs both in the sample
> "employee" database as well as other ones.

I am not too sure what you are doing. Post an example if you want help.

the syntax that works on 1.5.2 is

select coalesce(fieldname, 0) from table


select coalesce(fieldname, 'blah') from table

It works via whatever connection method you use in whatever platform
you use. Are you using isql or something else? If isql, are you sure it
is connected? SP2 has a firewall enabled which may well block isql or
the service from accepting connections.