Subject Re: Server not response
Author Adam
--- In, NAS <nas@p...> wrote:
> Hi all
> I use indy server as my app server(delphi 5), to connect firebird i
> UIB 2.
> I use Firebird super server 1.53 RC 2 as database server in Redhat
> enterprise.
> My App server in windows 2000 adv .
> My user connect to database via App server and web server (apache
PHP ).
> My database file size about 5 Gbyte.
> I have trouble :
> Some times my app server get no response from database so another
> after that will wait, but if i check from web there is no problem
> database.
> I have try 1 up to 5 connections, and round to every thread but
> solve that problem.
> Any sugestion
> Nas

Are you using WAIT transactions? If you do not know, you probably
are. If you are and two transactions attempt to update or delete the
same record, the second transaction will have to wait until the first
transaction commits or rolls back. If it happens to rollback, then
the lucky second transaction will successfully run the operation it
was waiting to do. If it happens to commit, then the second
transaction will receive an exception.

In IBX (delphi "Interbase" components), this is the default
transaction mode. If that is what you are using, and you do not want
the second transaction to wait and hope the first transaction rolls
back, then change it to NOWAIT.

A NOWAIT transaction will raise an exception immediately when the
second transaction tries to update the record, which may be more
appropriate for your scenario.

I am assuming you know that the RC builds are not considered safe for
deployment to customers etc. They are only there so you can test
them. The latest stable version is 1.5.2