Subject Re: Left Join vs Not Exists
Author plinehan
"Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@i...> wrote:

> > I may have completely misunderstood here, but I thought that
> > the MINUS set operator was specifically designed for
> > that purpose. I see other people have answered this
> > who know a lot more about SQL than I do and haven't mentioned
> > it. Would somebody care to explain why?

> Sure. Firebird doesn't implement the minus set operator.

That strikes me as a gross flaw in FB (I assume IB is
the same). Maybe one for the wish list - I was always
impressed by the fact that IB/FB were standards
driven. Why has it not been done?

I'm not *_complaining_*, since as I'm not a C/C++
expert coder and FB is an Open Source project, but
I would have thought that this would be relatively
easy to implement? Or is there some reason why this
functionality might be better left to the individual
programmer? That conflicts with what my rudimentary
knowledge about database severs says - i.e. - if it's
at all possible to do it on the server, then it should
be done there.

I will post some ideas I have as to where the whole
project should be going sometime soon - maybe
on .devel. I realise that I have no right to make
demands of programmers who give their time for
free, but there are a couple of issues which I
feel need airing in the bright light of frank
debate of which Mr Starkey (your hubby) is such a master.

I hope that wish lists/contributions about the project's
future are welcomed on the lists - that's as it should
be, just don't point the finger back at me and say
"Well, son, you want it, you do it". I'm not capable of
that, but hopefully I might jog some ideas out of the


> Ann