Subject RE: [firebird-support] Add more fields in Security database
Author Alan McDonald
> I know users table in security database has thes fields
> first_name ,middle_name,last_name ,....
> How can add more details about users table in security database.?
> Forexaple I want to add fields of "phone_no","emai".
> I am using firebird 1.5.3

it's just a normal database. You can do what you like with it within
reason.(i.e. I wouldn't delete anything). There are several modifications
around to allow for such things as users able to change their own password
etc. But getting the values into these additional fields and getting them
back out may be a little less trivial than you might first think. It all
depends on what mods you have already made to the security database and what
component sets/components you use to access it.