Subject Re: [firebird-support] Date functions
Author Jason Dodson
You can use arithmatic on a Timestamp field. For instance, if I wanted to add a
day to a date field, you would do:

Select (MyDate + 1) as MyDatePlusOneDay
From MyTable;

Similarly, you can add a second by:

Select (MyDate + (1/86400)) as MyDatePlusOneSecond
From MyTable;


reinaldo_mra wrote:
> I did not find any function to add a value to a timestamp column. I need
> something like that:
> SELECT * FROM Table WHERE TimeStampColumn<=AddMonth( NOW, 5)
> SELECT * FROM Table WHERE TimeStampColumn<=AddDay( NOW, 5)
> SELECT * FROM Table WHERE TimeStampColumn<=AddHour( NOW, 5)
> The number 5 can be 5 days, 5 hours or 5 months. It depends on context.
> Thanks,