Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Exiting gracefully from lost connection error (335544721)
Author John vd Waeter
> 1. I don't know how I would reconnect and continue with the current
> transaction, which may contain many pending changes. If anyone has
> sample code that demonstrates how to do this, it would be greatly
> appreciated.

I do not have an answer to this one.

> 2. Sometimes reconnecting is not possible without rebooting the
> computer that lost its connection.

THIS should not happen. Just wondering: Could it be that you're
informing the user with something like a dialogbox that something has
gone wrong? Then, furthermore, could it be that this dialog, usually
shown modal, is hidden behind the main-window of your program? If that
is the case, most users will report that your application froze, not
reacting to any kind of mousclicks or keyboardsignals. In fact only the
Z-order of the windows is disturbed....

When using XP (dunno for W2000), Windows accepts only one mouseclick,
and that is to the close-button in the titlebar. It thean suggests that
the program doesn't react anymore....

If you can recreate the error, try so with your program running in a
small window in a corner of your screen. You may see the dialog popup,
this time not hidden by the main window.

If this is what happens, try google for modal window hidden. You'll find
solutions for this problem. Even MS programs have trouble with this issue.

Other possibility: Some screensavers mess up... after reactivating the
PC via mouse or keyboard they report that YOUR program has done
something real bad... strange thing is that the report is *allways* that
the running program has been misbehaving, no matter what program is

Sorry, OT, but I know how many hours it can take to locate problems like