Subject Re: [firebird-support] TCP/IP connection limits -WINDOWS XP
Author Lester Caine
Miki Avramovic wrote:

> My Information System is on Linux server and Firebird 1.52
> We have over then 70 connections in lan and over then 20 connections
> through B2B system over the Internet at same time. All working
> perfectly. Workstatins (cliens) is Windows or Internet Browsers.

I've amended the subject!
There is no problem with Firebird in most installations, the problem I
am highlighting and trying to get some feedback on relates to the most
recent updates to XP and is encapsulated in the link I provide!

> >> I think this is a result of an overloaded network, but we are seeing
> >> connections dropped, and an error 4226 in the event log. This has been
> >> traced to:-
> >>
> >> Limited number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection
> >> attempts on the page
> >>
> >>
> >> Anybody got any ideas what could be causing this - or is it
> >> Microsoft's
> >> latest attempt to restrict access to Windows machines ;)

We have had four more crashes with that error message this week and it
is getting annoying. We have already told the customer that we would
like to switch back to a stable version of Windows ( NT4 perhaps ;) )
but it has not gone down very well. We *KNOW* that Windows is crap, but
until councils can be convinced that is the case .........

Lester Caine
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