Subject Re: internal gds software consistency check error
Author Adam
--- In, "Zakir Mahomedy"
<zmahomedy@d...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I created a store procedure which adds or deletes entries.
> I can add as many entries as possible, however when i issue the
delete command
> I get this error message. Any idea what would cause this error.
> I tested it out using EMS IBManager and I also get the error.
> So its my store procedure which could be the problem. I posted my
store procedure below
> with the errors.
> I am using Firebird v1.5.2
> Thanks
> Zak

Do you have any delete triggers on that table? If so, does that
reference any UDFs, or run any SQL that causes triggers to fire which
in turn reference any UDFs? The stored procedure looks OK otherwise.
Otherwise, try running gfix to see if you have any corrupt records?