Subject Re: [firebird-support] Exiting gracefully from lost connection error (335544721)
Author Ivan Prenosil
> I am using FireBird 1.5 with Delphi 7 and InterbaseXpress components.
> While running my application, some users who sometimes lose their
> database connection due to poor network conditions. When that
> happens, an EIBInterBaseError # 335544721 is raised in my
> application, which is normal. Since the database connection is gone,
> the program responds to this exception by terminating the
> application. The problem is that in this condition, the program
> always terminates with some other fatal exception that makes the OS
> (Win XP) want to send an error report to Microsoft. Following is the
> code I wrote in the OnException event handler of the application...
> procedure TfmMain.AppException(Sender: TObject; E: Exception);
> begin
> if (E is EIBInterBaseError)
> and (EIBInterBaseError(E).IBErrorCode = 335544721) then begin
> MessageDlg('Database connection lost!' + #13#10#10 +
> 'The application will now be terminated.', mtError, [mbOK], 0);
> dmMain.dbCMMS.ForceClose; // Forcing database to close
> Application.Terminate;
> end
> else
> Application.ShowException(E);
> end;
> Would anyone know how I can terminate the program gracefully without
> the user being prompted to send an error report to Microsoft
> whenever this exception occurs.

This is not Firebird-related question, but anyway ...

You shoud ensure that no error occur unhandled inside OnException, e.g.

dmMain.dbCMMS.ForceClose; // Forcing database to close