Subject Re: Problem with quotes
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi Florian,
don't get me wrong, i'm agree with you.
it is not important waiting for 2,32 soconds or 2,42 seconds.
But 0.10 second will be importand when your data grow up 1000 times
(or user number).

My example was only an example and it is not the only one
mathmatical shortcut, don't get it so seriously.
I think programmers should to think and try to best solutions before
coding. if knowing and writing of pretty rhymed words orderly
doesn't make anybody poet then it is true for programming too.

Also i'm not a machine code maniac, i never used it since 1991.
My goal was this:
Programmers are not dummy emplooyes or pavlovs dog!
They are programming the most complex machines developed by
homosapiens. Computers are most important scientific result.
So, if you wanna good control them you must to good know them.
Look at this list, problems mostly about basic programming
principles, not about FB. Look at to the world, chaotic programming
everywhere. This is not a complaint, only a determination.
I leaved programming when C dead, so don't care me, even i am not a
programmer. ;)