Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Large Db Files, Low Data, Duplicate records from 1 Insert
Author Aage Johansen
Photios Loupis (4T) wrote:
> We are using FIBPlus and each insert is wrapped in it own transaction
> There is a Primary Key on the table and attached to it is a=20
> generator. It is not a duplication in the true sense as the Primary=20
> Key has a unique value. It almost appears that the insert action=20
> happens twice.
> We are not using UDFs on the database and there are no INSERT=20
> triggers on this table.
> The database is running on a Windows server using SuperServer with=20
> forced writes on.

A (possible?) problem has been reported on Fb/1.0.x, but (possibly?) only
with ForcedWrites=OFF, so this doesn't match your situation. See the
thread "Duplicate keys" started by Stephen Boyd on Oct. 3.
Anyway, could you check Fb version and ForcedWrites once more?

Aage J.