Subject Re: Problem with quotes
Author Adam
--- In, Ali Gökçen <alig@e...> wrote:
> LOL!
> hey Si, real programmers can not find a spare time to do joke!? ;)
> Jason, you are right too, my comment was about coding strategy
> not about project strategy. Miki should discover the side-effects of
> his design himself.
> I allways ask to new programmers, (real-programmer candidates)
> "hey how will you code the program that can put sum of numbers from
> 1 to n". Only real programmers give the correct answer. :P
> Regards.
> Ali

= Cast(((n * (n+1)) / 2) as Integer)

( Does that make me a real programmer ;-) )

Seriously though, one thing that concerns me about this solution is
the mixture of DDL and DML in the single transaction. It is no secret
that at times, this causes weird behaviour. Whether it is safe or not
for generators I do not know.

Personally, I prefer to make DDL changes when I am the only user.
Generators are 64 bit integers, you will run into many limitations
before you run out of them, so I do not see a good reason why the data
itself should dictate how many generators are defined. (That doesn't
mean there isn't one, it just means I don't see it right this instant).

While it is not my job to tell others how they should code, it is the
right thing to do to warn about known gotchas.